Why why why

Why does everything have to be scheduled controlled listed is it to protect Little Johnny do they care that much am I the only one that thinks they’re building a wall so it will drive up the price of illicit substances “we can’t get it in we got to drive up the price” perfect scam after all drugs  is the second biggest business in the world right behind arms trade

I am clearly insane although i still have my wits about me. There are some that would beg to differ.

I am the only who has to live with my choices at the end of the day so be it. With that i start this journey  wait a minute, incorrect  choice of vocabulary  there, rather, this trip cause isnt that  all it is? Dont kid yourselves, of course it is. Thats why I’m here, your here, and the  little grey aliens !! The end destination is sort of irrelevant,it’s what we experience along the way that defines our personalitys. That’s the trip i mean. Wait thats the tryptamine!!!! Now that is a trip!!!! Well on with the show!!



Yes as i was saying before my adhd so rudely  interupted me, follow me as i go on this magical trip to the outer  perimeter of the unknown quadrants of an over stimlated,under educated  mind that is me. Follow as i give up on everything  around me and slowly become  incapacitated by denial and my life choices that led me to where I’m at now.